Saturday, November 24, 2012

Hiding ads in your facebook timeline.

Tired of those Facebook ads you see from friends?

Here's a quick guide on filtering stuff without hurting your friend's feelings. This only works on auto-ads generated by your friend's facebook "likes." This doesn't work on promoted/purchased ads directly from facebook.

If you want to be nice to your friends, go to your own profile, and take a good look at the facebook pages you have "Liked" in the past. You might be surprised at what you're forcing your friends to endure.

First: Hover your mouse on the right side of the post. Look for the down arrow. Preferably the arrow next to the ad, and not your friend. Sometimes you may only see the one arrow, and you will have to choose which story to hide on step three.


Second: Click on "Hide..." This will immediately hide the post from your friend, but you're not done yet.

Third: Choose "Hide all stories from (insert facebook page name here)." If you had to select the arrow next to your friend's name,  you can just choose to not filter out your friend, and only hide this one time ad.

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

California Prop 32

Started doing some research and decided to start keeping a log of what I find on California Prop 32. As a proud union member of IATSE local 504, I am against Prop 32 and against California becoming the next Wisconsin.

The first bits of info I found on the prop also known as the "paycheck protection act" is on the author Ashlee Titus. Here's a copy/paste of her LinkedIn account

Ashlee Titus
Associate Attorney Bell McAndrews & Hiltachk LLP September 2004 – Present (8 years)

Ashlee Titus maintains a nationwide practice advising corporations, candidates, political action committees (PACs), major campaign donors, lobbyists, trade associations, and state and local ballot measure committees in the areas of political and election law.

and here's a bit on Tom Hiltachk the co-author from his wikipedia page.

According to Hiltachk's law firm biography, "He has represented state ballot measure committees on a variety of issues, including tax policy, the environment, education, civil and criminal justice reform and gaming. He has served as legal counsel to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Mr. Hiltachk specializes in drafting complex tax and constitutional measures and counsels on qualification efforts for ballot measure campaigns as well as all aspects of election campaigning related to such measures. He litigates ballot and ballot pamphlet language issues."

Both profiles show that the author and co-sponsor are republicans. No big deal there, but remember that republicans favor corporations over government. The bill claims to be a fix to stopping corporations and unions from using collected dues as political donations.

Now stop me if I'm wrong, but I think if that were the case, these two authors would be in a lot of trouble with their clients. Now who are their clients?

BM&H LLC has also "fronted" for:

Californians for Schwarzenegger, "a committee formed to promote the election of Governor Schwarzenegger during the recall election of 2003." [9]

Chico Greenline Coalition [10][11][12] at the Sacramento address, with Thomas W. Hiltachk as Treasurer. [13]

Citizens Against Measure R, a California group "sponsored by and with Major Funding provided by Wal-Mart Stores, Inc."... 2005.

Note: The LA Voice reported September 7, 2006, that "Judge Robert H. O'Brien ordered that Measure R - the term limits extension/ethics revision package - be removed from the November ballot because it improperly combines multiple subjects in a single question." Charles H. Bell Jr. "called the judge's decision a win for voters."

Californians For A Fair Business Policy, a "Tobacco Institute-created front group in California" at BM&H's Santa Monica address fought "local efforts to enact smoke-free bans in California in the early 1990s" and "Conducted referenda on existing bans." [15]

Employees of Northrop Grumman PAC, using BM&H's Santa Monica address, contributed to Sen. Bill McCollum's Florida campaign in 2000. [16]

First Federal Bank of California PAC, which received termination approval in January 2006, received two contributions in 2003 and 2004 at BM&H's Santa Monica address. [17]

Global Crossing Development Corporation PAC used the Santa Monica address 1997 through 2005 to make contributions, including $10,000 in 2001 to George W. Bush's "President's Dinner Committee" and a number of current and former political candidates, including George Allen, John Ashcroft, Sherrod Brown, Sam Brownback, Conrad Burns, Eric Cantor, Maria Cantwell, Max Cleland, Tom Davis, Harold Ford, Jr., Chuck Grassley, Judd Gregg, Dennis Hastert, Daniel Inouye, Rick Lazio, Carl Levin, Bill Luther, John McCain, Zell Miller, Jim Nussle, Charles W. Pickering, Jack Reed, Tom Reynolds, Jay Rockefeller, Chuck Schumer, Louise Slaughter, Billy Tauzin, Henry A. Waxman, and Heather Wilson.

The only thing listed here that looks like a good deed is the Chico Greenline Coalition, but a little more digging even makes that one look shady. I found a blog from someone who had done research into the group before. Here's the link.

And a name that keeps coming up as well isThe Lincoln Club. The Lincoln Club is currently raising a lot of money in favor of Prop 32.

Well there's what I have so far. Feel free to add comments, or send me info that I should look into.

Thanks and Please vote No on Prop 32.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Prep time

Tomorrow I start the thirty day vegan challenge. I've been compiling lists of food and restaurants that are vegan friendly. This is going to be fun or brutal. I'm hoping to get a better perspective on diets so I can make the changes I need to get healthier. I don't foresee this being a permanent change. Maybe I could spend some more time on vegetarian meals but I can't see myself giving up my daily caramel lattes and captain crunch forever. And there's just something so appealing about bacon and sirloin steaks...

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Field Trip

So I took the girls for a trip today, we went to my dad's house for a play date with Ripley. Suki had a blast, but Kora spent most of the time hiding under the lounge chair. My dad had a lot of fun playing with Suki.

I'm guessing Sarah will start her journey home really soon. It's the 15th in France by now, which means packing and getting on several planes to make her way home. See you soon Sarah and Erik!

Friday, April 13, 2012

New toy

Playing with my new goPro Hero 2.


Currently there is a massive storm outside. The wind is crazy so the girls are locked inside and literally hiding at my feet. No pics are really coming through because they won't sit still long enough. Every time the thunder hits, they curl up to me.

So for right now, we're enjoying "The Day After Tomorrow" because it makes the audio that much more fun. Horrible weather, horrible movie. Get it?

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Revenge is sweet... and colorful

Well you know how the girls are getting to be a bit restless. Suki snuck out last night and attended a punk rock concert. She won't tell me the details, or what band it was, but it's obvious she had too good a time. The pink and purple hair dye is all temporary.

Kora, on the other hand, has been a delight with her reading. She just finished the twilight series and thinks she's a Cullen now. I didn't believe it until the sun came out and she started sparkling. Then I realized she was wearing some glitter hair spray, plus a little Photoshop work. That glitter all washed out as well.

So I got my revenge again. They had to pose for photos and I got to bathe them in the end. They're now resting inside where it's warm and dry. Rain clouds are heading this way and April 17th we get a visit from our handy-dandy property management team. Just in time for you to get home. It's our "6 month" inspection according to the paperwork. Guess we'll have to bathe the dogs again so they're pretty that day!

Monday, April 09, 2012

Once again

This isn't the only mess, there's another little gift from Kora in the sun room. I'm thinking they're starting to get really mad that Sarah has been gone for so long.

But revenge is sweet. I'm gonna have some fun with the girls tomorrow. I just need to get to a costume shop and grab my good camera. ;-)